Scion: Discovering Divinity

Donnie Vulcman * Pantheon: Dodekatheon * Parent: Hephaestus * Calling: Construction Worker * Nature: Survivor

Scion of Heaphesus, Donnie makes his living as a construction worker. He has good morals, and great constitution, both physical and mental

Micheal Fleetwood * Pantheon: Dodekatheon * Parent: Hermes * Calling: Criminal * Nature: Trickster

Scion of Hermes, Micheal makes his living as a currier for the “poison mafia” in NYC. Of questionable morals, Micheal is quite good in doing things he shouldn’t. Decked out in an armani suit, he is never without style.

William Cain * Pantheon: Aesir * Parent: Beowulf * Calling : Perfect Legacy * Nature: Competitor

William knows he’s a scion. Who he’s a scion of, he’s oblivious. He knows he’s of the Aesir. He was visited by a masked Wiglaf who gave him his relics, set by Beowulf himself. Williams main goal is to learn the identity of his divine benefactor, though he will only do so through honor.

Corinne Abner * Pantheon: Presdjet * Parent: Bast * Calling: Medium for the NYPD * Nature: Pacifist

Corrine’s parents were killed when she was 8. Until she was 18 she lived with her grandmother. Not long after she moved out, she was visited by her true mother. Bast gifted her with the ability to know the truth, before it happens. Since then she has been using her powers for good, alerting the police of things they may need to know. The first couple times, they didn’t believe her, and people payed. After that a deputy sheila with the NYPD has trusted Corrine with her visions.

*Vani Patel * * Pantheon: Deva * Parent: Sarsvanti * Calling: Serene Actress * Nature: Perfectionist

A former struggling Bollywood actress, Vani was raised by her mother and father in India. she was taught English, and quickly took a career in acting. Recently she has moved to NYC to further her career, though weather it was fate or her own choice that got her there, nobody knows.



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