Scion: Discovering Divinity

Session #1 part 1

6 months pass and Mini proves a useful informant. The PCs have banded together and purchased a top floor loft in Manhattan as their base of operations. They all live there, with the exception of Michael, who has a room there but only sleeps there a couple nights a week.

A few days before the story starts, Corrine has a vision. She is in central mahattan and all around her buildings crumble and people fight with both swords and guns. All this is happening while the sun is blocked out by the mood, with a symbol penetrating it and letting bright light through. The symbol is unrecognisable.

Days later Chen comes over to give the groups assignment. Before he can, however, the PCs show him a drawing of this symbol. He doesn’t know what it is, but says he can talk to some people. He goes into business. He says that there have been reports of huge men attacking civilians in a rage. Normally they leave this kind of thing up to the police, but they believe that these creatures are thralls. Half giant, half man. He suggests that they go to investigate over in the Bronx. After Chen leaves the PCs discuss they’re strategy. Fleetwood suggests they go to one of the worst bars in the city, The Buckingham Palace .

The crew loads up in a stolen van and heads down to the Bar. As the strange group enters, things quiet for a moment, but nothing bad. William spots a man arm wrestling people, and challenges him. Well, Cain, with his Epic strength easily bests him, in fact he even breacks the mans arm a la “The Fly”. The man runs out screaming and Vani yells at him. Cains response is simple “-Aesir!”.

A young blonde walks over to Cain telling him that he cant be doing that in her bar. Cain is understanding and begins to inquire about these strange men. The woman tells him that word is theres a new drug, like PCP on the streets, and as long as it doesnt get back to this bar, she can tell them where they can find a dealer.

After getting the info, the group quietly exits and makes there way to the street corner the woman specified. There they find a white boy gangsta’d out. Fleetwood goes up and talks to him and buys a dime of the stuff. Following that, a thin black man comes up and the two druggys talk alone. The others retreat and watch what happens, when the black man starts walking away. Corrine and Cain follow stealthly, but stop when he walks into a building. As they’re walking back, a huge, hulking beast breaks shatters the sliding glass back door and jumps off the 4th floor balcony of the building the crack head walked into. It breaks the concrete upon its landing, and begins charging the first thing it sees, William Cain. In response, will begins charging back, on his way grabbing the bumper on a car and hurling it at the beast at remarkable speed. The car hits the monster in the head, and crushes it into the concrete. Willima sees that the beast had a belt wrapped tightly around his upper arm and track marks.

Meanwhile, the dealer is running away, but with a well aimed hit, Fleetwood immobilizes him. After Corrine investigates the apartment it came out of, the group loads the man into the trunk of their car, and heads to their apartment, calling Chen on the way.



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