Scion: Discovering Divinity

Session #1 part 2

On the phone, Chen instructs the band to meet him at the loft, and to leave the drug dealer in the trunk.

Once they get to the loft, Fleetwood, Vulcman, and Cain go up to meet Chen while Vani and Corrine opt to stay down to watch the trunk. In the loft, Chen asks the situation. He is clearly distressed as it is close to 3 in the morning and he has a busy day tommorow. He decides (with the help of exhaustion) that the best way to get answers out of him is to more or less torture him. He instructs the band to follow him in his car.

Meanwhile, Vani opens the trunk and uses her Hundu voodoo to calm him down, at one point eve creating a halo around her head. She tells Nigga Jeff to quit this trade and lead a good life. He doesnt really answer.

Chen leads the band to a landfill outside of town. They grab and old chair and tie Jeff up. Chen lights a ciggerete and begins interrogating . Basically they get out of him that its closely related to PCP, and that he gets it from a man named “Anderson” every thursday at 1:00am at a Denny’s. Chen instructs the group to take this man to a hospital and to go meet this Anderson to get some answers.

A day passes and on thursday night, the band go to Denny’s. Donnie waits by the back door, in case of somebody trying to escape. The band enters and sees a man in black sunglasses, a black jacket, and a pork pie hat. He appears to be bald and have a mustache. Fleetwood gives each emplyee a thousand dollars to leave, and Anderson gets very nervous. The group walks over to him and sits down. They interrogate him, and basically tell him he cant do what he’s doing.He asks who they’re with- DEA? Mob? they say no to both, but obviously dont tell him they’re children of gods. He gets angry that they’re telling him this, but have no authority to do so. He again asks who they are, or rather who they think they are, only more violently. They dont say anything to calm him down, but do get some answers after a physical threat or two. He tells them that its similar to PCP, but with another ingrediant, but he doesnt know what that is. He says that he and 8 other scientists from Marlox make it using supplies from the company. They get the last ingediant from a seldom seen colleague, Kline. He reports to some man named finnigan. Other than that he doesnt know anything. He seems very jaded, and willing to destroy thousands of people for his own gain. As soon as he can he leaves, saying that he wont do this again.

Once he leaves, Corrine and Fleetwood stealthly follow him, but he sees Corrine rather quickly. He confronts her. He wants information. Who are they? What do they want? Why him? Corrine explains some things, then asks him why he’s doing this. He explains its because he has terminal lung cancer, has 18 months to live, and has 2 kids, with one on the way. Corrine is hit by this like a ton of bricks. Corrnine asks if they want to get coffee and talk next week. Anderson agrees.

Michael and Corrine report back, and the group (well most of them) feel like theyu should help him, for his intentions are noble, but his practice is disgraceful. If not that, then for his children.

Cain, growing angry at the groups inability to see his way (only less dickish than that) leaves. The next morning he withdraws 25% of his bank account, exchanges it for gold, grinds it into dust, and try’s to summon Freyja, for guidance. Freyja tells him to befriend this man, to help him. Then get him to lead Cain to the source of this drug.



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