Scion: Discovering Divinity

Session #.5

In our exiting opening, the characters all received a call from an unknown person telling them to meet at a bar called “The shade”. The man said he was an associate of their parents, and that he had business from them. He says to meet on saturday night.

Well, soon enough Saturday comes around and everybody shows up at about 10 pm (the time specified)to find a dive of sorts. When the clock strikes 10 the patrons slowly funnel out leaving only the bartender and an Asian business man. The PCs move over to the asian mans table and the asian man introduces himself as “Chen” and takes some papers out of his briefcase.

Chen explains that due to a recent rise in titan spawn and divinity, the Gods have decided to assign a team of sorts to patrol the city and keep the threat low key. He explains in so many words that while he cannot be sure of their motives, the gods probably chose these specific scions based SOMETHING on their skills. He concludes their meeting by telling them that a bank is being robbed tonight, and these guys better get down there and stop it.

The PCs rush out. William takes his car along with Vani, Corrine rides with Micheal on his moped, and Donnie takes his sedan. The all rush down to the first national bank of New York only to find the large glass front doors completely shattered and the alarm going off. Corrnie sees 2 figures in the shadows.

The rest of the band hears “Oh shit!” as they see a pair of bull horns rushing towards them at great speed. Thinking quickly, William takes the moped that Micheal was driving, and now gotten off, and uses it as a bat to hit the oncoming Minotaur. The bike clocks him, and Donnie follows it up by knocking him with his hammer on the jaw. Right after that, a bullet, fired by Micheal ricochets off the beasts horns. Corrine runs for the shadow for cover as the two other men come out, one wielding a gun, and one wielding a crowbar. Seeing this, and remembering Chens advice to be inconspicuous, Vani uses her ichor to channel the sun and destroy the outside cameras with a well aimed beam of concentrated light. The thug with the gun decides to shoot at Andy first, but misses. The next thug takes a swing at William, and also, miserably misses. At that, Michael uses his twin relic pistols to place two well aimed shots at the thugs. One of the bullets gets one right in the head, the other in the knee. Meanwhile, the minotaur is on the brown, not happy. “Do you surrender beast?!” William asks as he holds his blad to the minotaurs neck. No answer. “I said- DO YOU SURRENDER!?” He asks again. “Me know surenra!” The minotaur says. “Then I shall slay you!” “NO! Mini no want die!” “Then does Mini surrneder?” “I- I-... sigh. My names not Mini, its larry. Listen, sorry about this, it was a mistake, I’m willing to take responsibility for it, just, can you let me up?”

William is confused and lets larry up. At that moment, Michael is playing with the crippled, not dead thug. Meaning torturing him. It ends up that he kills the man out of humor. It does not go over well.

A crowd has formed near where this happened. Vani thinks quickly and goes over and explains that this has been a street performance of the new play “Le Mino La et Taur”, and hopes they all enjoyed it. She assures them that all these people are fine and its just makeup. Everybody (including the Minotaur) takes a bow, and the crowd claps. After that, a school bus comes driving down the street to where the chaos was. The windows are blacked out, and when it stops, out walks chen. He congratulates the band for a job well done, and talks to Mini about them dropping the charges in return for him dropping his life of crime and becoming an informant. Mini accepts.

End of session .5



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